Friday, April 10, 2015

Only pay the invoices sent by your patent attorney

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The problem of misleading invoices continues world-wide. The latest example detected by the WIPO is very convincing. They even use a very similar logo and give WIPO contact details at bottom: WORLD INTELLIGENT PROPERTY OFFICE

The only clue you have (apart from the name) is that the beneficiary is a bank in Bosnia & Herzogovenia (IBAN code begins with BA and 5-6th letters in SWIFT code are also BA).

  • Patent offices do not charge separately for publication of the application - you pay for this when you file the application.
  • These misleading invoices can appear 18 months after the earliest priority claim when application is published officially by the patent office with the names and addresses of all applicants and inventors
  • If in doubt, contact either the patent office, or a patent attorney, or check the links below
  • If you have appointed a patent attorney, all official communications from the patent office are sent to him/her
In many cases, payment of such an invoice is requested for a subscription to include your application in an on-line database. For example WORLD PATENT & TRADEMARK ASSOCIATION.
But all patent offices make the applications available to the public automatically if you pay the required fees on filing.

Other examples are here:
    A good rule to remember is - only pay the invoices sent by your patent attorney
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